About us

PREDL® was established in 1992 in Bönitz, Germany. Under the dynamic leadership of its founder, Manfred Predl, the company developed and has evolved into an enterprise that currently operates throughout Europe and North America.The company currently employs over 150 individuals at its facilities in Bönitz, Fernitz (AT), Jasper (GA, USA), and across its European affiliates.Utilizing forward-looking technologies, PREDL is now among the largest and most adaptable producers of manhole base liners in Europe.

Furthermore, modern production techniques involving polyester reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) ensure swift and dependable fulfillment of customized orders. The in-house mold manufacturing capability allows for responsive adaptation to unique market demands and fosters an extensive range of types through continual refinement of mold setups.

The company's goal is to manufacture a diverse array of manhole base liners with minimal turnaround times and with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

We hold ourselves to elevated standards in the advancement of innovative products.