PREDL is a successful producer of manhole bases for decades.

Our expertise focuses on the construction of new manholes and the rehabilitation of existing manhole structures. PREDL guaranty a very performing thermoplastic production of standard PP manhole base liners. Besides, a modern polyester reinforced with fiber glass (FRP) production also ensures reliable delivery of made-to-measure special orders.

Our goal is to contribute to a durable and sustainable sewer system.


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Discover the Flexliner advantage, a groundbreaking trenchless rehab method meticulously designed for…

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Watch our webinar about the PMA Manhole system, an innovative solution by PREDL Inc., where we delve…

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The PMA manhole system features a lined joint connection with integral seal and load transfer.

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Trenchless Rehab with FLEXLINER


Get an inside look at our revolutionary trenchless manhole rehabilitation system with our FLEXLINER!

The FLEXLINER is the perfect choice for construction sites with special on-site conditions and when several days of bypassing are not possible. 

Benefits of this system:

  • Minimal disruption: no digging work, 100% trenchless
  • Faster installation: reduces the overall downtime of the infrastructure being rehabilitated 
  • Lower environmental impact: With less excavation and disruption, trenchless methods can have a lower impact on the environment than traditional open cut construction methods. Preservation of trees, landscapes and minimizing disruption to ecosystems are some of the environmental benefits.